It is not only the destination that creates magic. It is the getting there that defines how you experience the destination. To continue to be a World-class player in the Travel Industry, through our commitment to quality and personalized service, professionlism and innovation. I imagine being able to go back in time to grandeur, where kings and Queens walk past. Then I imagine it all happening on a super highway. As long as there is competion, there will always be someone who excels, someone who does things better than everyone else. The stamp of originality and uniqueness: It's what sets up apert. Leaders dont't just do things differently. They also completely different things!

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(experience of over 1250 + conferences & exhibitions since 1969)
Professional proactive approach for MICE management for
participation ranging from as low as 25 persons to as large as 7500 + persons

  • Intl Conference on Scientific Validation and Technical Evaluation of Ancient Medical Systems
    15/03/2007 – 17/03/2007
  • International Conference on Information Systems, Technology & Management
    New Delhi
    12/03/2007 – 13/03/2007
  • Tri Annual Global Convention and Executive Council Meeting 2007
    New Delhi
    05/01/2007 – 06/01/2007
  • International Conference on Trends in Product Life Cycle - Modeling, Simulation & Synthesis
    18/12/2006 – 20/12/2006
  • Aerodrome India 2006
    New Delhi
    07/12/2006 – 09/12/2006
  • Ecocity6 - International Conference on Ecocities
    03/12/2006 – 06/12/2006
  • Intl workshop on Integrated Beekeeping Development in South Asian Countries
    New Delhi
    13/11/2006 – 14/11/2006
  • 5th Conference of Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture
    09/11/2006 – 11/11/2006
  • World Wide Officers Meeting (WWOM 2006)
    New Delhi
    06/11/2006 – 09/11/2006
  • 2nd Asian Interventional Cardiovascular Therapeutics (AICT)
    New Delhi
    01/10/2006 – 04/10/2006
  • International Monsoon Conference
    24/07/2007 – 28/07/2007
  • 2nd International Conference on Services Management
    New Delhi
    01/06/2007 – 02/06/2007