It is not only the destination that creates magic. It is the getting there that defines how you experience the destination. To continue to be a World-class player in the Travel Industry, through our commitment to quality and personalized service, professionlism and innovation. I imagine being able to go back in time to grandeur, where kings and Queens walk past. Then I imagine it all happening on a super highway. As long as there is competion, there will always be someone who excels, someone who does things better than everyone else. The stamp of originality and uniqueness: It's what sets up apert. Leaders dont't just do things differently. They also completely different things!


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What We Do?
Athithi Devo Bhavo (Guest is God)

Companies today, use incentive travel as a motivator to achieve their business objectives and also to reward achievements and excellence. TCI realized early the growing need of Incentive travel and the emergence of India as a favoured destination offering a myriad of experiences. Business successes are celebrated at exotic locales where development and team building exercises are optimally accomplished. India is a perfect destination to forge business relations by making your associate and employees feel really special. Think India ! for your next incentive and be fascinated by its royal splendor, unique atmosphere, varied history, rich cultural heritage, customs, sights, sounds, tastes and aroma. From the hustle bustle of a cosmopolitan city to the quiet countryside, hill station to a beach resort, India offers multiple destination options of exotic locales having best of deluxe hotels, excellent air connectivity, improved infrastructure, all the support services that one needs.

Incredible India, a world apart, God’s own country, land of mysticism and majesty – a few phrases to describe Incredible India! From places seeped in history to modern day hustle bustle of cities, from serene lakes of the North to the backwaters of Kerala, from the snow clad Himalayas to the bareness of the Thar and Kutch deserts, from the finest beaches of Goa & Kerala to lush green hills of the North East. From the Forts & Havelis of royal Rajasthan to the erotic temples of Khajuraho, from the holy city of Varanasi to the eternal Monument of Love Taj Mahal, from the mystical sadhus of Rishikesh/Haridwar to the shaking minarets of Ahmedabad, from the beautiful temples of Orissa to the distinctly Portuguese influenced churches of Goa, from the Dravidian temples of South India to the frescoes of Ajanta & Ellora, from the Asiatic Lions of the Gir to the tigers of Bengal, from the bird paradise at Bharatpur to the elephant reserve of Periyar… The list is endless…destinations galore & so are the opportunities!

At TCI , we have a specialized cell which has successfully organized several incentive programmes in India and works very closely with the planners and does detailing to the minutest of points, thus ensuring well planned programs, enjoyed by one and all. TCI is pleased to offer its assistance with –

  • Itinerary planning and programme design
  • Destination selection
  • Property selection
  • Negotiation and reservation
  • Activities
  • Complete budget preparation
  • Conference arrangements
  • Site visits
  • Theme parties, gala evenings, events, menus
  • Award night
  • Sightseeing
  • Pre event teasers
  • Airtickets, documentation, coordination of all travel arrangements
  • Experienced and professional tour managers/escorts
  • Destination management services
  • Professional on-site management
  • Memories / souvenirs
  • Accounts settlement