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The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, also known as Borivali National Park, is a unique National Park in that; it lies within the borders of a city. The park lies on the northern fringes of suburban Mumbai, India. It covers an area of 104 sq km. It is one of Asia's most visited National Parks with 2 million annual visitors. The park also holds claim to be the largest park in the world located within city limits.

The Park was notified in 1974. The park offers a pleasant change from the usual sights, attractions, rush and glamour of the big city. The undulating green lands of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park are just surroundings to which one would love to retreat for some moments of quiet introspection or meditation. The great panoramic views of hills, valleys, lakes and open expanses can actually have a soothing effect on mind, body and soul. The Sanjay Gandhi National park is known for its dense forests, vast bird life, butterflies and the small population of tigers. The park also encompasses the famous Kanheri Cave Complex (between 1st century BC and 9th Century AD), two lakes; Tulsi and Vihar Lake that provide water to Mumbai city.