ITME 2022 WCOA 2022

In the central heart of Mumbai between lots of famous markets still lies small cottages and gaons (orchards) which is called WADI (vadi) in Hindi and Marathi. Few of them are Fanaswadi, Ambawadi and the well preserved 'Khotachiwadi'. If one wants to go back to the past and know how was our old Mumbai some 100 to 150 years before, then this is a place to be seen and is very famous among the tourists. The lanes of Kotachiwadi are still zig zag and one is sure to get confused to go through it, AMCHI Mumbai's Mumbaikers are still cottage and wadi lovers and have a lifestyle like old Goans. One should come here in November and December during Ganapati festival, Diwali and Christmas to see the beauty of this lane. Wadi environment is very eco friendly to grow trees and small flower plants and the architecture and wood work of Khotachiwadi is unique. Most of the people staying here are on rent from long and it is said that none of them want this place to re-placed with new skylines of Mumbai.