Thomas Cook
WCOA 2022
Thomas Cook
WCOA 2022

A walk around this heritage located in Girgaum and Mazgaon are a must before they vanish. Both these 'quartiers' have some quaint 19th century-houses with beautiful balconies, verandahs and wooden staircases. Wandering around the narrow lanes and the quietude will make you feel that you are not in Mumbai.

This tour includes the James Ferreira house visit -

More than 200 years old, this house is the ancestral property of James Ferreira. James is now the only resident. Initially, James' parents Owen and Thelma lived here, where they brought up their children Susan, Owen, Michelle, James, Merise, Ian and a pair of twins - Greg and Gary. Before Thelma married Owen and came into the house, she had the entire house painted - which took almost two years to complete.

James still has a vivid description of the decor. A fashion designer by profession, James works from home. He restores old furniture and the house is full of his magnificent antique collection. His terrace garden that he has planted himself is one of his favorite places.

Khotachiwadi is a heritage village in Girgaon, Mumbai and here houses generally conform to the old - Portuguese style architecture.

It was founded in the late 18th century by Khot, a Pathare Prabhu, who sold plots of land to local East Indian Families. There used to be 65 of these houses, which has now reduced to 28 buildings and are being pulled down to make way for new skyscrapers.

Houses are made of wood, with a large open front verandah, a back courtyard and an external staircase to access the top bedroom.

Interaction with Mr. James Ferreira is subject to availability.

The menu that will be served at Ferreira house if confirmed a week in advance.

  • Tea / Coffee
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Vanilla Biscuits
  • Coconut Macroons
  • Cheese Straw
  • Khara Biscuits
  • Sugared Pinwheel Biscuits
  • Plum Cake Slices
  • Veg. Ribbon Sandwich
  • Chicken Patties/Mushroom Patties

Cost Per Passenger - Rs. 3000/- all inclusive.

Total Tour time - 2 hours including driving time. (30 - 45 minutes at Ferriera house visit)


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