Welcome to KOCHI

Dear Delegates,

Greetings from the Steering Committee of the IAA World Congress 2019!

And welcome to Kochi.

Kerala has often been referred to as God's Own Country. And with good reason. A fascinatingly verdant look, towering mountains which produce some of the finest high range tea, dense jungles bursting with wildlife and an intricate network of lakes and canals make Kerala a truly beautiful place to visit.

The city of Kochi has a wondrous past, and has absorbed the best of Dutch, British, Portugese, Chinese and Arabic culture and still retains its original timeless vibrancy as well. Make time to visit the historic Fort Kochi area. Wander around the spice markets. Take in the architecture of churches and synagogues. The art and artifacts will dazzle you. If you an art lover drop in at the Kochi Biennale. It's on during the period of the IAA World Congress.

Shop till you drop at the bustling Lulu Mall or take a sedate backwater cruise. And of course you could head out to the beautiful Lake Vembanad area or the misty mountains of Munnar. Don't forget to have a traditional ayurvedic massage.

There's something for everyone. Please feel free to reach out to our travel partners or to one of us if you need any further information. We want to make your stay here truly memorable.

Thank you
Pradeep Guha
Chairman IAA World Congress 2019

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Pre / Post Tour Of Kerala